Sunday, January 13, 2008


Due to the softening of my body from too many Canadian potato chips, it's been a while since I wrote a chip column. But for you, Mr. and Ms. blog reader, I am willing to do whatever it takes, even expand my love handles. Today, I explore the second "Chinese" themed chips from President's Choice.

The Szechwan chip is like an ugly little brother to the vastly superior General Tao Chicken. I don't know why they would even bother making these chips. The Szechwan has a similar amount of garlic flavour, too much ginger, then a bit of lemon that reminds me of Pledge*. Szechwan is rated at "two peppers" hot, but these could only be two peppers for my mother-in-law. And she's been known to claim that water has a kick to it.

Also, like other PC flavours, we've got MSG and a whole host of chemicals in this bag of chips. Here's birdy from Montreal on the official web site:
"I'll never understand why chip manufacturers have to use sugar and monosodium glutamate to produce a salty snack. The number of chemical flavourings in this brand of chips is daunting, and the chip itself is brittle and dry. It is possible to make these snacks without loading them up with unnecessary additives, some of which like MSG are very bad for the health. The PC honchos should check out the chips made by the US-based company Target's in-house brand Archer Foods."

I didn't notice the dryness, though I don't know if I want moist potato chips. Also, anyone want to send my some Target brand chips. I promise to thank you in my post.

My Szechwan rating - 1.32534 Hortons.

Current Chip Standings:

  1. Lays Chili Garlic
  2. Lays Curry
  3. President's Choice General Tao Chicken
  4. Lays Sea Salt and Pepper
  5. Lays Smokey Bacon
  6. President's Choice Szechwan
  7. President's Choice Smokin' Stampede
  8. Lays Ketchup
* I may be biased against Pledge because I swallowed a bottle of it when I was two. If you like the flavour of Pledge, then I encourage you to eat these potato chips and wash them down with lemon-flavoured Diet Coke.


Zhu said...

Do you rate Doritos as well, or is it a new category of chips? I never know...

I like my chips basics. Like the ones I find at Food Basic (no pun intended). 2008

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