Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It's Canada Month at one of my favourite bars in Minneapolis, the Triple Rock Social Club. (The city I lived in before we moved to Toronto.) According to someone named Honey Bunny, they're selling poutine and Labatts. From the pictures on her site, it looks like pretty standard poutine. I can't figure out what else makes it Canada Month there. But I hope they are selling donuts laced with the same addictive additive they put in Tim Horton's batches.

She also mentions that Wednesday is free bacon night. Is this just during Canada Month? If so, what kind of bacon? Is it standard "American" bacon? Regular back bacon? Peameal bacon?

So what's the deal with the Canada envy, Minnesota? Trying to make a run at becoming Canada's 11th province too? I'm sure some Canadians would be very surprised to find out about all this love south of the border. Mostly they think Americans don't care about Canada. Mostly they're right. But some care, and they appear to be the dirty punk rockers that frequent the Triple Rock.

FYI, so far the Wife's favourite poutine came at a super fancy restaurant by one of Toronto's "hot" chefs, Jamie Kennedy. It was made with braised lamb. I liked it too (3.5 Hortons). But I reserve final judgement until I've had poutine in a small town in Quebec.

Did I mention the Wife is a bit of a foodie? Between her, Beernada and Beernada's significant other (the Scientorian) things can get a little bourgeoisie. I'm more petite bourgeoisie myself.

Thanks to my MN friend Chanayka for the tip on the Triple Rock!


Zhu said...

It's funny... as you said, I didn't think the USA were "selling Canada". And poutine... is that the best thing to export? Yeah? Okay, okay...

French love Quebec and to them, the rest of Canada just doesn't exist. When I say I live in Canada, it's "oh oui, Montréal!" "Non, Ottawa." "But it,s close to Montreal, right... right????"

the wife said...


I believe you mean things get a little (the adjective) bourgeois, as opposed to (the noun) "bourgeoisie"

I wonder if this, perhaps, might make me appear snooty... 2008

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