Thursday, March 13, 2008


Even though it's not as popular as Tim Horton's, they do have quite a few McDonalds in Canada. And there are a lot of Canadians who have been miffed about the lack of access to Shamrock Shakes in recent years. Apparently it has been five long years since Canucks had access to mint flavoured shakes with LOTs of green dye.

The Canadians were so upset they started a campaign to bring it back. And they recruited the best man (or thing) for the job they could - Uncle O'Grimacey. Uncle O'Grimacey is an old McDonald's character that I've never heard of before today. Canadians used him as their mascot for their drive to get Shamrock shakes back on the market. I'm not really sure what OG's deal is, but he even has his own Facebook site.

I guess Facebook has worked for the green dude because, for the first time in five years, you can get Shamrock shakes in Canada. Hooray!

Now that Shamrock Shakes are back maybe they can get rid of this scary mascot. The look on his face tells me he would beat me with his stick, if he thought I would give him a Shamrock Shake. Uncle O'Grimacey wants a Shamrock Shake, and he wants one now. And why is he locked into that shawl thing? Is it to restrict his movement, because he choked the Hamburglar to death? Is that why we don't hear from the green goober anymore?

Shamrock Shakes - 4.5 Hortons - but they have to be Shamrocky (If it's not shamrocky enough send it back, am I right SMB?). Uncle O'Grimacey - .45 Green Timbits.


Gary said...

Ohhhhh man....add THAT to the list of stuff I miss about being back home. Shamrock shakes! Are you kidding me?!!? Those things ROCK

Theresa said...

People here in Spain wouldn't even know what a shamrock shake is, so I don't think that would work. Boy, that is one scary mascot!

SMB said...

HELL YEAH! You HAVE to send them back if they are not Shamrocky enough!!! Good thing the ones we got in WI on our way to MPLS this weekend were shamrocky. Unfortunately, I kept getting a brain freeze while slurping mine. I'll have to have one more before the season's over.

Are you going to have a Shamrock Shake this year? HUH?!

beaverboosh said...

Next thing you know, Canadians will be petitioning to have old Uncle O'Grimacey as a 2010 Olympic mascot under the heritage banner!

Johnada said...

Gary - They do in fact rock.

Theresa - Do they have milkshakes?

SMB - I think we actually missed it. It's not that I didn't want to, it's just that McDonald's are so depressing. We'd need to go through the drive through. I guess there's still time.

BB - I would so love to see OG as an Olympic Mascot!

Zhu said...

I feel like I'm on another planet. Or maybe I had to much to drink... French diet Coke, ya know.

Gone drinking with a bunch of green men downstairs.

MiMi said...

I was telling my friends at work about Uncle O'Shamrocky or whatever he's called -- and nobody believed me. I'm printing out your post as proof. 2008

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