Wednesday, October 01, 2008

ROCKTOBER 08 - Bald Baby Bears

If you'll allow me to indulge for a post, I'd like to talk about the exciting month that is starting today. I've always enjoyed October, with it's crisp winds, nice foliage, seasonal squash, fresh apples and hallowed weens, but this has the makings of a really good one.

  • It will most likely include the birth of my first child (if it doesn't the First Lady is going to be very uncomfortable on November 1 -- 10 days after her due date).

  • It will hopefully include a big lead for Obama going into the last week of the election.

  • It will hopefully not include a majority Conservative government in Canada.

  • And it will maybe, possibly, perhaps, mayhap, perchance, dare I dream, include the first World Series Title for the Chicago Cubs since 1908.

  • Other exciting October events: Canadian Thanksgiving, a new album one of my favourite music type things (Crooked Fingers), National Pizza Month (my favourite food), Be Bald and Be Free Day is Oct. 14 (and it's the full moon), Halloween and the 1st Anniversary of Johnada!

Honestly, if we get a healthy baby out of the deal, everything else will be icing, but it's still has a chance to be a very memorable time.

Tonight it all begins in exciting fashion with the Cubs first playoff game.

P.S. - Remember that it's never too early to start thinking about what to send Johnada for Be Bald and Be Free Day. And no you can't buy me a hat.


Zhu said...

My friend just had her baby yesterday... Please, refrain from giving graphic description of birth on this blog. I had enough for a year and besides, I may have to push a baby out of my body sometimes in the next few years too! :D

Happy Oct. ;)

beaverboosh said...

Wow, what an action packed month, and a baby too... gosh I don't know where you will find the time! Send me your address and I'll post you the chips preferred by bald Norwegian men!

Dheeru aka "the Black Uncle" said...

All hail the new Steinbaby! 2008

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